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Welcome to Dietlein Swaging
If you’re looking for high quality hand swaged and cast bullets, you’ve come to the right place. At Dietlein Swaging we specialize in long range 30 caliber match bullets and BPCR silhouette bullets.  We also offer a great line of bullets for the recreational shooters.  Dietlein Swaging has been located in Michigan since  2009. Let us put our experience to work for you.
Our bullet selection is very limited.  We only make bullets that we actually shoot.  I hold a Master Classification in Bullseye Pistol, F-Class,  and BPCR.  Shooters using our target bullets have set National records and placed in many National Championships.  My son and I test our hunting bullets on the deer and coyotes here in Michigan.
We are custom  bullet makers, so if you do not see what you want let us know.  As long as the bullet diameter and ogive are the same we may be able to help you.
I also make bullet jewelry in my spare time.  Look below for our selection.  The bullet jewelry is made with out lead.

Orders:   We take orders by e-mail, phone, and regular mail.  Orders on in stock items will be shipped when 
                 payment is received.  On out of stock items we will advise.

Payment:  We take personal checks,certified checks, and money orders.  Michigan residence add 6% sales 
​                     tax.
Shipping:   We try to use USPS flat rate boxes when ever possible.  We can ship 1000 jacketed  or 200 cast 
                     bullets for $14.00.  We only charge what it actually cost to ship.

Insurance:   Optional

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Coyote Teeth errings
Coyote Tooth Neckless
223,9mm, or 380 Case Head Errings
44 Mag. - 45 ACP Case Neckless
22 Cal. Bullet Errings
$10.00 per pair
​30 Cal. Neckless
Bullets and Feathers